Lady Gonzo | Joanna Angel & Angela White


It's time for carnal conductor Joanna Angel's next sexy symphony. This time she's recruited stacked superstar Angela White as her partner-in-cream. When she meets Angela on a rooftop overlooking the L.A. skyline, Angela's wearing a skintight bodysuit that has her massive mammaries popping out at the seams. Angela's there to get some dick, but first she wants a taste of pussy, so she crouches down in front of Joanna, pulling her skirt up and going at her snatch. Joanna can barely hold the camera steady as Angela tongues her clit like an animal. Angela's good at what she does, so it doesn't take long for her to have Joanna shaking like a leaf as her little pussy cums. Next, it's Angela's turn for a treat and since Joanna knows that Angela likes it in the ass, she's got the PERFECT thing for her: a brand new silver buttplug

Angela spits all over it, warming it up with her mouth. When she bends over, fingering her exquisite asshole, she asks Joanna if she'd like to do the honors. Joanna doesn't need any convincing and slides it up Angela's tight ass. As her asshole pulsates, Angela rubs her pussy, working her clit like the expert she is. Angela cums hard, her legs twitching uncontrollably as she screams with ecstasy.

Now that she's nice and stretched out and ready to get fucked, Joanna takes Angela to the set to meet up with Ramon Nomar, the master cocksmith who'll be dishing out the D to Angela. When they get an eyeful of each other, Ramon grabs Angela, manhandling her and hoisting her up in the air as she wraps her beautiful legs around him. He lays her down on a table, spreading her legs and tonguing her clit while he works the buttplug, sending Angela into a frenzy. Ramon sucks on the buttplug, pulling it in and out of Angela's asshole with his mouth. Aching to get inside Angela's wet pussy, Ramon slides his cock into her. With the plug in her ass and Ramon's shlong in her slit, Angela is in fuck-heaven.

But Joanna's got LOTS more weird and wild treats in store for Angela and Ramon, and maybe...IF they behave themselves, a little helping of Joanna herself...
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