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As L.A. eases into another dark night, dirty diva Joanna Angel gets ready to curate her next blockbuster fucking marathon. This time she's throwing sexual dynamo Aidra Fox into the mix. Wearing a tiny top and an even tinier leather bikini bottom, Joanna chats with Aidra in an alley next to tonight's location. Aidra's excited to meet her scene-partner for the night, the hung and handsome Small Hands. She's never fucked him before and can't wait to get her hands on his juicy cock.

Joanna wants to spoil Aidra today and give her anything she wants, but quid pro quo is important in any healthy relationship, and what Joanna wants first is for Aidra to give her a little show. Aidra's a good little fuck-pet, so she does what she's told, pulling up her shirt and bouncing her luscious titties around. Joanna pinches her nipples before she pulls down Aidra's bottoms, dipping her fingers into Aidra's wet pussy.

When Joanna slides a chair in front of her, Aidra sits down on it, throwing her legs wide open. Aidra's clit is super sensitive, and when Joanna starts playing with it, Aidra goes wild. Soon, Joanna's finger-fucking Aidra's snatch as Aidra works her clit, her pussy tightening around Joanna's fingers like a vice until she cums, screaming and writhing on the chair.

After their little outdoor appetizer, It's time for Aidra's main course, so Joanna leads her into the set, where they find Small Hands in the bathroom. He has a towel on while he gets ready for Aidra. But who cares if HE'S ready?? Aidra's MORE than ready and she pounces on him, ripping his towel off and wrapping her hands around his cock.

They were SUPPOSED to shoot the scene in the living room. But Joanna's not one to interrupt a special moment, so she goes with the flow and keeps filming as Aidra drops to her knees, taking Small Hands' meatstick into her mouth. Sucking on it like a lollipop, she strokes it with both hands, deepthroating it all the way down to his balls.

Since Small Hands was just about to take a shower when they came in, he suggests that Aidra hop in with him. Aidra's all for it, and strips off her clothes. Jumping into the shower together, Aidra keeps stroking his dick as he squirts soap on her. Once her perfect body's all lathered up, he slides his fingers into her juicy pussy, fingering her as she jerks his dick off. Small Hands wants more than just her hand though, so he bends Aidra over and pours lotion on her quivering ass cheeks. She squeals as he slams his cock into her wet snatch over and over again while his balls slap against her.

It's not long before Aidra's sweet mouth is drooling for some cock again, and she gets on her knees, thrusting Small Hands' shaft down her throat. After she's had a little taste, Small Hands lays her down on the floor of the shower, throwing her leg over his shoulder and ramming her box with his hard dick. He rubs her clit as he pounds her little pink pussy. When shower time is over, Small Hands hoists Aidra up, carrying her over to the bathroom counter. He puts his cock deep into her pussy again, fucking her hungry hole.

Even though they weren't PLANNING on shooting there, that's not going to stop these two nasty nymphos (with an assist by Joanna) from making this bathroom the site of the next great gonzo blowout...
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